In IBM Research believe that blockchain technology can change the world

The IBM company already for a long time is interested in many perspective projects and also carries a personal top of those technologies which, in its judgement, can become disruptive in the near future or already are those in the present. Now and blockchain technology took a place of honour in this list along with cryptography.

A little earlier the artificial intelligence and quantum computers were included in the list. The top of “5 in 5” was provided by research subdividing of the corporation – IBM Research. It is worth marking that the blockchain and cryptography shared among themselves the first place.

According to experts from IBM, they will help to fight against counterfeits actively. It will occur thanks to attachment of the special chip working at a blockchain basis – a so-called “cryptography anchor”, to each goods thanks to which it will be possible to trace time and the place of loading/unloading of production. Besides, also her vendor will be marked.

The second place was taken by right by quantum computers which involve in the future for the decision of nowadays insoluble tasks. By the way, according to forecasts of experts, their appearance in educational institutions will not keep itself waiting long.

Slightly below according to the list is the encoding on cryptography grids designed to save mankind from the security of data. This type of encoding hides in itself algebraic formulas which will not be able to crack even quantum computers.

The fourth, but not on value, the place was taken by the independent robots microscopes allocated with AI. Tracing of movement of plankton will be their main objective. It, in turn, will help in case of the accidents connected to leak of oil on water and in case of detection of the polluted sections. Besides, experts believe that it will save us from the formation of “red inflows”.

Shorting in “5 in 5” became the artificial intelligence and if more precisely, then its role in the selection of databases.

We hope that forecasts indeed will come true as the technology of a blockchain is at least one of the most important opening of the last decade.


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