In 2017, the number of forks was 19 pieces, but in 2018 experts predict a three-fold increase

Last year was rich not only in the ups and downs of the Crypto-currency but also in the number of forks of bitcoin, which we saw as many as 19 pieces. Experts predict that in 2018 this number can change the figure of 50.

Services like Forksgen, for example, do an excellent job of helping to launch your own forks even to users with initial programming knowledge. Whether this is the right approach – judge for yourself.

Forks, like token sales, are now being launched from a variety of motivations. Many of those who launch fork cryptocurrency have enough enthusiasm to try to improve bitcoin, but most people are primarily interested in making a profit.

The Bitcoin’s last fork was Bitvote. Its launch went very quietly – the developers sent a letter, which described the basic principles and what will happen this event on January 20 on the block 505050, the block itself will increase to 8 MB and will “be friends” with SegWit technology. As for the amount, then all the coins will be about 21 million.

It should be noted that recently there was an official announcement of Bitcoin Private fork, but the developers did not specify a specific release date. Fork Rhett Creighton, the creator, determines how more anonymous than the original bitcoin.

George Kimionis, who created the purse that allows the bitcoin buyer to use the forks and CEO of Coinomi, says that after a certain amount of time, we will notice that most of the existing forks were mutants, which were stimulated in every way by investors, and not attempts to make their own contribution in the blockchain technology.


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