An entrepreneur from Canada decided to use the heat produced by mining bitcoin to grow plants and fish, thereby creating the temperature needed for the hydroponic system.

Bruce Hardy, an entrepreneur from Manitoba, found a way to process the heat generated by the mining equipment: he began to redirect it to grow plants and fish. Hardy owns 30 mining facilities located in an 1858 m² house in the rural municipality of St. Francois Xavier in the Canadian Manitoba. The heat emitted by the mining installations then circulates through the building and is used to grow plants and fish.

On the ground floor of the building, there is an aquarium where about 800 arctic char. The water in which the fish live becomes very rich in nitrates, which makes it a good fertilizer. At the push of a button, Hardy redirects the nitrate-rich water to the food of lettuce, basil and sprouted barley used as food grown on the floor above the aquarium. “Everything is interconnected here, just like on Earth,” Hardy said to the local media. Among other things, Hardy is the president of Myera Group, a company dedicated to creating an innovative and sustainable food production system.

Hardy says that he has been engaged in bitcoin mining for about two years. After the initial investment in a huge air-conditioning system for his installations, Hardy realized that the heat released could be used for growing crops.

Head of the municipality Duane Clark supported the project, saying that “We can see that this will become a popular decision in society. With the help of this, it was possible to remove what was a thorn in the eye for several years. ”

Hardy also drew attention to the socially useful side of his project:

“The income from these bitcoins allows me to pay staff, helped to create this demonstration, through which we will show people what we do for innovation in the field of agricultural crops.”

Manitoba attracts miners

Hardy noted that the project is still in its infancy since only a quarter of the second floor of the building is occupied by mining equipment and a plantation. In addition, Hardy said that his project interested in Chinese investors and Australian researchers. He also hopes to fill in the empty space at the moment on the second floor of his house.

The Canadian province of Manitoba attracts mining companies with cheap hydroelectric power. Hardy stated: “Hydroelectric power is one of our best assets in the Province. If we can use our energy here in Manitoba, we can make money on it, and with this help, we realize all sorts of projects. ”

In addition to cheap electricity, Manitoba has seen one of the lowest temperatures among North American cities, attracting many mining companies seeking to escape legal uncertainty in China. According to Manitoba Hydro, the company has received more than 100 requests from crypto-currency ministers over the past 3 months, including from North American brokers representing Chinese investors.

Despite this, Reuters reports that “Manitoba Hydro is requesting the Legislative Assembly of the Province to approve a 7.9% tariff increase until April 1, 2018,” which will make electricity in Manitoba significantly more expensive than in the neighboring province of Quebec.


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