The editors of Forbes believe that for Blockchain is the future of finance

The other day, Forbes magazine updated the previously published list of the fifty most successful fintech companies. According to the publication’s employees, these companies are a prototype of the future in the field of financial services.

The updated list was replenished by five blockchain-companies, which previously were not in the Forbes ratings. And there are nine startups that work with blocking technology.

For example, the list includes the blocking company Chainalysis, which has already been successfully investigated by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, the tax administration, and Europol.

Also, Forbes did not ignore the well-known, especially after it was invested by Jack Ma – the creator of Alibaba Group, the start-up Symbiont. Now the director of this company is Kathleen Long.

One of the first lines in the ranking is occupied by, The Bitfury Group, Ripple, Xapo and several others.

Earlier, Forbes published a list of the richest people who are engaged in the crypto industry, there were: Chris Larsen is the founder of Ripple, Zhao Changpeng — founder of digital exchanges Binance, as well as Joseph Lubin ConsenSys founder and several other eminent personalities of the crypto industry.


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