The total value of farms – more than $ 12 million dollars, and the amount of taxes – $ 1.2 million

Mining has been gaining serious momentum lately. The customs department of Ho Chi Minh City said that about 8,000 farms were imported to the city in 3 weeks for mining. This figure exceeds the total number of farms that were imported to Vietnam in 2017.

On January 24, Nguyen Thanh Tuyen reported that from January 1 to 23, 7,932 mining farms entered the city. The deputy director of the customs department also noted that the total cost of farms is more than $ 12,000,000, and the amount of taxes is $ 1,200,000.

Tuyen said that the importation of farms, as well as the activity of the miners themselves, is still considered legal sense for the goods of this category there are no definite rules for importation.

The National Bank, in turn, said that bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are considered illegal payment means in Vietnam, and those who use them will be fined or arrested.

It is not entirely clear how the confiscated farms will be managed, but it is crystal clear that the government is determined to bend its line until the number of miners on the territory of the country is reduced to the minimum or until they disappear altogether.


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