Bithumb will set at restaurants terminals for payment of orders in cryptocurrencies

The South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb announced plans for delivery of terminals to restaurants and cafe that clients could pay the orders with cryptocurrencies, about it reported local news centre of Zdnet.

The terminal is released under the Touch B trademark, is the result of a partnership between the Bithumb companies and vendors of Unos Space, Tros Systems and IYU who integrated that “to manufacture the terminals optimized for small enterprises, retail trade in food and drinks, small restaurants and cafe”.

Issuing of Zdnet reports that Bithumb launched three new services, two of which were called in article Touchpad and Touchbone terminals, providing thus to owners of business different options, depending on the amount of their business and qualifying standards. Expenditures on rent of “Touch B” will be 10 percent less to help small enterprises with use of products of Bithumb.

The third service is called Bithumb Cache – it is service of payment in the password. This service will give the chance to clients of the Bithumb exchange to convert the means into the form of the password which can be used further in case of payment in the terminal, thus, “the synergy between business in the sphere of public catering and cryptocurrency business is created”.

Representatives of the Bithumb exchange said:

“We do everything possible that the beginning of the business connected to terminals gave essential advantages to businessmen. We will continue to work in different branches connected to blockchain technology. We will continue to give new opportunities for representatives of small business in the form of ready decisions”.

According to the website CoinMarketCap, Bithumb takes the 5th place on the volume of the daily auctions, at the same time the daily trading volume of the exchange is about 732 million US dollars.

On March 9 Joseph Young published on the twitter the message that the sentence of the Bithumb exchange is valid “will help the wider circulation of cryptocurrencies with South Korea”:

“Bithumb, the largest exchange of South Korea, will provide cryptocurrency terminals for restaurants and cafe. It could stimulate really use of cryptocurrencies in South Korea, especially among beginners”.

At the beginning of this month, the Australian cryptocurrency exchange also declared the creation of the system which will help users of cryptocurrencies when calculating between small enterprises. The exchange plans to launch system which would allow 1200 Australian newsstands to sell cryptocurrency with use of iPad mini.


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