Stolen at Coincheck NEM were partially transferred to Litecoin

Police officers are busy interrogating one of the alleged participants in the cracking of the Coincheck exchange. Today, Japanese media reported that the police are questioning the suspect in the massive theft of NEM tokens from the crypto-exchange Coincheck. The first to publish this information was the publication Nikkei.

Police officers who are investigating cybercrime noticed that one of the users had converted a number of missing NEM coins to Litecoin through a special website located in the darknet. It is also reported that the person knew about the origin of these tokens – he knew that they were stolen on the exchange.

Employees of the department of cybercrime of the police of Tokyo are sure that several other users took part in the conversion of NEM, which was stolen, to the sites of a dark network. Of course, they chose darknet in order to preserve anonymity.

Recall that a recent study of Recorded Future demonstrated that during 2018 bitcoin in the shadow Internet will be used in much smaller quantities than Litecoin and Dash. The fact that the conversion of stolen NEM was carried out exactly in Litecoin confirms the results of this study.


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