Top-10 crypto-currency for 2018: risky, medium, safe and one winner

When the crypto-currency markets are experiencing a period of recession, there are many opportunities for buying. Most of the coins purchased at such prices will grow in the coming months. However, if we look in the long run, what is the crypto world waiting for by the end of 2018? This article presents the top 10 coins that can be viewed in the long term for 2018.

2018. Overview

The beginning of 2018 was marked by a major adjustment in the price of bitcoin and all major crypto-currencies. The adjustments followed optimistic sentiments that the players hoped to retain in 2018. The subsequent changes are a shameful pullback. Crypto-markets are notorious for their huge falls and the following price rebound. The more the adjustment, the more recovery. Given the fact that markets have recently experienced one of the largest adjustments in history, the next growth will have a corresponding scale. What ten coins should investors pay attention to in 2018, on the eve of such a major recovery?

There are coins that are considered relatively safe compared to the rest, but there are many frankly risky currencies. Each investor must assess his level of risk before joining the crypto sphere. Cryptocurrency is one of the riskiest investments, therefore, when choosing risky investments in a risky environment, the investor becomes like a gambler. However, the higher the risk, the higher the possible return. Usually, even in the cryptocurrency markets, there is a balance between risk and return. 2017 was marked by the growing popularity of crypto-markets, while the beginning of 2018 is characterized by FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt – fears, uncertainties, and doubts).

The period of fear and uncertainty in the market will soon end, and when the recovery begins, investors again rush to the markets, missing the best time to buy coins. King offers his review of tokens with low, high and medium risks for the balance of 2018 and represents one winner!

Safe play: XRP, ETH, and BTC

First, we would like to discuss “Safe” options and “The riskiest.” Given the recent crazy market volatility, let’s start with the “safe.” In volatile markets, a “safer” coin is always a good choice. The three best safe tokens for 2018 are XRP, ETH, and BTC.

Ripple: XRP

Most probably expected to see bitcoin (BTC) in the first place on this list. Although the author recognizes the important role of BTC in the crypto-currency world, he also believes that Ripple (XRP) can most increase in price without risks associated with the BTC trade. XRP has already penetrated the financial markets and cooperates with American Express (AMEX), Banco Santander, SBI International and Money Gram. Cooperation of this level provides XRP access to the main banks and providers of financial services on the planet. Regardless of what will happen on crypto rines, XRP has already secured a reliable foundation – the ability to easily transfer any amounts from one continent to another with full transparency, in seconds, for only a couple of dollars.

The exchanges began to actively add XRP, among the latter, who introduced the coin – BitOasis (Coinbase UAE and North Africa). In addition to XRP, only two other coins (BTC and ETH) are traded on BitOasis. King expects that other major exchanges such as Coinbase will follow suit in the first quarter of 2018. Rumors that Coinbase may add XRP in January caused a price jump of more than $ 3.00 XRP, after which it was adjusted to less than 1.00 $. This is a great opportunity to buy Ripple. February 5, 2018, XRP is trading at a price of $ 0.63 – 80% cheaper than January 4, 2018. During the month, XRP lost 80% of the total market capitalization, while the remaining market share decreased by an average of 46%.

With the adjustment of XRP by 80% compared to the general market correction of 46%, we see the price correction of XRP almost 90%. Throughout January and February, XRP had only positive news – financial institutions traded with XRP, the currency was added to the exchanges, major contracts for cooperation were signed. XRP should not fall below market adjustments but still fell. 2018 should be the year of the restoration of XRP and the widespread introduction of currency for the revolution in the field of electronic money transfers. For example, the price of gold can be converted to XRP and sent from point A to point B without the need to physically transfer the gold ingot. The amount in XRP will be credited to the account within a matter of seconds and can be converted to a local currency that can be used to buy gold (if desired). With brilliant partners in the crypto sphere and sharply reacting to market price adjustments, XRP is a safe choice for the investor in 2018.

Ethereum: ETH
The ethereal captures the market and penetrates the ICO sector. Most ICO runs as ERC-20 tokens, and many (including me) wonder what kind of coin will blow up the ETH market. In reality, no one knows. However, we know that ETH is used as the main currency for ICO, most of which are released on the ERC-20 platform. This makes ETH a very safe game. The Ethereum has experienced most of the market adjustments of the past two months, but, unfortunately, has been falling for several weeks now. King expects that ETH will recover from minor adjustments and retain its position as one of the leaders in 2018. ETH will not be the main winner in 2018, but it’s a safe currency, especially compared to the huge volatility of markets in the last two months.

Other serious coins, for example, NEO, ICX, STRAT and some others, also began to release their platforms for ICO in attempts to displace ETH. However, significant progress was not made by any of them except for NEO, although the company NEO recently experienced a powerful pullback in China due to legislation. It seems that ETH will retain a clear leadership in the field of platforms for the release of ICO in the near future and throughout 2018. Having penetrated almost all markets, ETH remains one of the few trusted cryptocurrencies, despite the widespread anxiety and uncertainty surrounding many coins. Many countries have begun to struggle with the ICO policy, and this can become one of the few factors holding back the long-term trend of the growth of the price of ETH. However, while the ICO continues to run and ETH serves as the main platform for them, the Ethereum will remain the safest ICO-related coin in the cryosphere in 2018.

Bitcoin: BTC
Well, so be it! Yes, bitcoin hardly, but still fell into the list of “safe” tokens! The reason why we included the BTC here is the fact that there are too many reasons to believe that Tether does not have enough dollars, and the cost of their token may be overstated. Bitcoin is a currency, with the example of which most other pairs were developed, it has the richest history of working with the blockchain, and this is the very first cryptocurrency in the world. In addition, many developers forget such an important factor, as the recognition of the brand. BTC has the best recognition in the whole crypto world. If you ask random passers-by about crypto-currencies, you will most likely hear: “Do you mean something like bitcoin?” For an average person who does not work and does not trade in this area, the cryptocurrency is a synonym for bitcoin. For traders and investors, bitcoin is what started it all. BTC will remain a “brand” in the crypto world for many more years, making it a very safe option in 2018.

Bitcoin reached a price of $ 20,000 per coin in December 2017 before the epic drop to $ 6,750 on February 5. The decline led to a drop in the overall market capitalization by more than 60%, which became the main indicator of the general situation in the market in the short term. BTC and other cryptocurrencies have experienced a powerful blow and BTC, while remaining the leader and currency with the largest capitalization, has significantly lost in price. If you doubted about the Crypto-currency in 2008, your fears were quite reasonable due to lack of information about the blockchain. If you doubt about blockchain technology now – you just do not understand it. Those who understand it and its social significance, see its revolutionary nature, which has become the cause of oppression in the form of the spread of doubts and insecurities from governments and the media. The BTC launched a financial revolution in 2008, and King expects that bitcoin will remain the leader of this revolution. $ 100,000 for 2018 may be too overestimated, but bitcoin should easily approach new milestones before the end of 2018.

Average risk: LTC, NEO, and ICX

Secure tokens should provide excellent revenue from the lowest price we see now in 2018. These adjustments will be followed by strong growth, and it is always useful to diversify investment between low, medium and high-risk currencies. Diversification is a key point of all investments. The editors chose three coins with medium risk: LTC, NEO, and ICX.

Litecoin: LTC

The media have repeatedly written about NEO and mentioned also XLM. But Litecoin (LTC), being a major player, did not get into reviews of the past few months. Ever since the LTC founder, Charlie Lee, sold his part of LTC, the price has fallen sharply, even though he promised to continue working on the LTC project in normal mode. But this did not convince the general public that the founder does not want to simply cash in on the record price of LTC. LTC peaked at more than $ 350 on December 17, 2017, and has since fallen to $ 125 as of February 5, 2018. This is an astronomical price drop reflecting general market adjustments.

However, unlike other currencies, LTC had very important news at the beginning of the week, from February 5. Most, probably, did not even see the positive notes among the mass of panic streams observed in the last two months. Litepay is released this week! This will give shops around the world the opportunity to accept crypto-currencies, in particular, LTC, as early as this week. Developments of this scale can affect markets, secure blockchain transactions, provide full transparency and the ability to avoid the services of centralized banks. LTC is not the safest strategy in 2018, but if you compare a coin with many others, then it has one of the best teams (if not the best) and it made great progress in the first quarter, which went unnoticed due to adjustments in the total market.

With the launch of Litepay on the horizon (from which we are separated by a few days) and the recovery following any adjustments, LTC will have quite good positions in 2018. Litepay may become a new “PayPal” or “Venmo” for retailers, and if this system can grab a significant market share, LTC can turn from a medium-risk coin into a coin with low risks and high returns. LTC has been the “loser” of Coinbase in the past two months, but soon everything can drastically change.


ICX long remained the favorite coin of many publications. This is a kind of “Korean Ethereum”, and, unlike the original ETH, its main network came to life on January 24, 2018. ICX also recently held its first major conference in Seoul, South Korea. They decided to stay in a country that acted in the opposite direction to China. Instead of prohibiting crypto-currency, South Korea regulates them. South Korean traders returned to the online sphere, and their offspring, ICX, should follow them. The adjustment of the market had a serious impact on most coins, and after the ICX conference on January 31, 2018, the price dropped by more than 50% for no apparent reason. ICX is based on the jurisdiction of a technologically advanced country that encourages the crypto sphere (South Korea).

Today is a great opportunity to enter the ICX market, as the coin fell by 50% in a week solely because of the state of the market. The ICX coin would be a low-risk game, especially considering the backlog from ETH for about nine months on the schedule of introduction to the market. ICX is managed by highly qualified specialists who develop blockchain-based solutions for hospitals, banks, and universities. The recently launched decentralized ICX (DApp) applications can be used by many institutions around the world, and the first conference set a high bar for 2018. ICX should capitalize on the recovery of the market and return to online South Korean traders. ICX is the favorite child of the whole country, which decided to regulate the crypto sphere, which opens good prospects for the coin in 2018 and further development.

NEO: NEO (formerly AntShares)

NEO is King’s favorite token, recently seriously affected by panic sales. In China, in the homeland of NEO, it was called the “Chinese Ethereum”. NEO is the platform for launching the ICO, like ETH. Some of their ICOs specialized in virtual reality and artificial intelligence. These are the latest technologies that they are trying to incorporate into the blockchain. NEO would be among the “safe games”, if this article was written a week ago. But this only means that your income from investments can be even greater. China’s ban on February 4, 2018, had a huge impact on NEO, and the future recovery should be reflected in the growth of the currency.

NEO sponsored NEO DevCon, which turned out to be even a better idea than previously expected. NEO is widely known in the Asian hemisphere but was usually absent from American conferences. By deploying NEO DevCon in San Francisco, NEO was able to strengthen its presence in countries seeking to regulate, rather than prohibit, crypto-currencies. The market capitalization of 4.5 billion dollars and a price of $ 67 per piece make this coin a perfect option with monthly dividends that grow as NEO releases more tokens. Before the Chinese ban, NEO could be assessed as a “safe currency”, however in the crypto-currency world, everything can change in one day. Now, being a currency with average risks, NEO can bring high returns if it approaches the $ 200 level with which it already flirted in January.

High risk: DRGN, TNC, and BTCP

The coins with the highest risk were a craze in the period of positive sentiment in the market. These are coins with a small and scanty capitalization, on which were placed high expectations, for example, an income equal to the price of Lamborghini, in a few weeks! Dreams were just as crazy as the level of fraud. But the recent adjustment taught everyone a very valuable lesson. You must understand the coins you work with, and the markets you trade. Take on certain risks, but they should never be “high”. The advantage of coins with high risks and small capitalization is the highest incomes during growth and the subsequent period of optimism. Our three risky coins are DRGN, TNC, and BTCP.

Dragonchain: DRGN

The edition King believes that DRGN is on the border of “high risk”. Dragonchain (DRGN) is a blockchain-based solution designed to simplify the process of introducing blockchain technologies for new and existing companies. Initially, DRGN was a project of Disney, which aims to incorporate blockchain technology into the business sphere. The goal of the team was to simplify the release of blockchain applications for developers using common programming languages (Java or Python). ICO token ended at $ 0.07 per coin, well below the current trading price of $ 1.30. However, this price at $ 1.30 is well below the $ 4 record, fixed in January. In 2018, DRGN has already opened its incubator platform with ICO, which are striving to become part of Disney’s blockchain-project.

DRGN is at an early stage of development compared to many other cryptocurrencies and therefore refers to currencies with greater risk. Future prospects are excellent, and the team is formed of developers of the company Disney (yes, that very Disney). DRGN should be an impressive winner in 2018, in January it was 75% higher than the price fixed on Tuesday, February 6, 2018. DRGN platform-incubator was recently launched, and all new ICO appear on the website. DRGN, perhaps one of the coins with the greatest potential for powerful recovery, it’s the brainchild of Disney with an incredible team of professionals. In addition, the relatively small market capitalization, $ 330 million, provides excellent growth opportunities. 2018 may become for DRGN – a coin with minimal risks among the riskiest companies – a year of dizzying success.

Trinity Network Credit: TNC

The Token Trinity Network Credit (TNC) experienced a steep fall last week. However, even after such a failure, the coin has a good potential for success during the next 11 months. The market capitalization of TNC is approximately $ 65 million with a token price of approximately $ 0.195. TNC is a coin that lives and dies NEO’s place. TNC is the solution for computing at a time when NEO outgrows its current platform. But if the NEO never flies up like ETH, then the TNC will sink into oblivion with NEO. However, given the fact that ETH was one of the main players last year, and ICO with coin release was the hottest topic, NEO may well adopt the recent success of ETH. Capturing any market share of ETH will create a situation where NEO will need a solution for calculations. This is the solution TNC offers.

TNC tokens are service tokens that literally carry the assets of NEP-5 (NEO) from one purse to another. TNC is unique in its computing solution, including the use of public channels and third-party computing schemes. TNC is the equivalent of Stellar Lumens (XLM) or Raiden Network Token (RDN), but for NEO. RDN and XLM were a huge success in 2017, so if NEO can at least partially repeat the success of the airwaves, then TNC will be the main winner of 2018. TNC is a high-risk game, as its success directly depends on the pace of NEO development. NEO is based in China, a country that recently banned the crypto sphere. TNC is a coin for gamblers, but if it pays off, you can enjoy life from the window of your Lamborghini.

Bitcoin Private: BTCP

This is a category of “high risks”, so it’s time to present you the riskiest game in 2018. Bitcoin Private (BTCP) is the fork of BTC and ZCL. BTC has the best brand recognition in the crypto sphere. Bitcoin – the most recognizable brand in the crypto world, even if you think that this is not the best technology. To improve the technology, BTC continuously produces forks. They should not be afraid. ETH was originally a fork of the ETH Classic. Although today ETH costs an order of magnitude more ETH Classic. The BTC will also continue to create branches (for example, Bitcoin Cash) to improve the BTC blockchain, which will eventually lead to the creation of a fully autonomous blockchain. Bitcoin Cash helped increase the speed of bitcoin transactions and lowered their cost. The newest BTCP fork will do everything the same as Bitcoin Cash could do, but add an element of privacy.

The Bitcoin Private project (BTCP) was conceived as the first (and only) private coin issued by Bitcoin. Some may object that the world does not need another confidential token. Such people simply do not understand anything in branding. It’s like saying that the world does not need another Louis Vuitton bag. Yes, there are many other cool bags. But people who trust the brand – bitcoin – will look for tokens from its arsenal. If a person wants to buy a private currency and the choice is between something unknown and Bitcoin Private, do you guess what he will choose?

People are comfortable choosing brands for themselves and coming back to them again and again. BTCP is a “high risk” because it is fork with the release of February 28; There is no such coin yet. However, King magazine is confident that by the end of 2018 BTCP will compete on capitalization with major private coins and may become the most expensive branch of bitcoin from existing ones. The only way to get BTCP is to have bitcoins or ZClassic (ZCL) before the launch date on February 28th. The limited release of coins under the brand Bitcoin will cause a huge stir. BTCP is King’s favorite among risky coins for 2018, because it has the potential to bring an incredible payback. Now 1 ZCL costs 70 $. The coefficient of ZCL to BTCP is 1: 1. If BTCP approaches the BCH mark of $ 1,400, announced earlier this year at the end of 2018, it will bring a profit of 2,000%. An increase in investment of twenty times in one year is usually an impossible dream. But we just presented to you a real opportunity to achieve such a profit.

Conclusion: diversify at any cost

Volatility is everywhere, so it is very important to diversify investments and guarantee risks within the limits of the allowed. The crypto-currency sphere is not for everyone, because sometimes you will feel like a king, and sometimes you can drag around at the end of the ratings, gaining even more doubts and uncertainties. We presented the reader with nine tokens – from safe to the most risky ones, to help make a general impression for the person who wants to invest and not lose. It is always recommended to control your investments, but it is also clear the desire of some people to buy and relax. All these coins can be considered as long-term assets. There will be volatility that provides buying and selling opportunities, but the technology and distribution in the market will allow these coins to hold in 2018 and, perhaps, if nothing unforeseen happens, to become even more popular.

Winner: BTC

Honestly, it’s unclear why to repair something that did not break? First was bitcoin. The BTC was slow and expensive and somehow reached the point where it became necessary to replace it. However, branches and updates accelerated transactions and reduced their cost in the past months. BTC returned to the position of the main player in the crypto-currency world and became something more than just a place to store money, more than just a brand. Falling 60 percent from a record level in December, BTC can easily bring a profit of 200% to return to a record level. Profit of 200% of the price of $ 6,000 would return BTC $ 18,000, which is well below the price expected by experts by the end of 2018. In the world of finance, most would not believe in investment safety at a profit over 200%. But the crypto currency is not the world of finance, and the editorial board expresses its confidence in bitcoin and the crypto industry as a whole. It’s time to move. It’s time to start a safe game with the BTC, moving right up to the most risky BTCP.


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