Hackers stole 14% of the total stock of Ethereum and Bitcoin

As you know, everything that you can earn in the network sooner or later becomes a victim of hackers, and crypto-currencies are no exception. Over the past 10 years, cyber-criminals have managed to steal more than 1.2 billion dollars in the form of bitcoin and ether.

This is the figure announced by the head of the direction of the Finteh-strategy of Autonomous Research Company, Lex Sokolin. He also stressed that fraud on the network brings criminals an annual profit of $ 200 million. Based on his words, the most popular use bitcoin and broadcast, as hackers managed to make transfers to 14% of the total stock of tokens.

Bloomberg noted that in the following cases: a) cybercriminals in the field of mining and blockchain technology will only grow.

The agiotage on the market already attracts tens of thousands of investors and specialists, and, accordingly, those who can fraudulently receive depositors’ funds. Therefore, security is one of the most important aspects, which should pay attention to all users when playing on crypto-exchange exchanges.

According to Susan Eustis, executive director of WinterGreen Research, attacks by intruders using Bitcoin cost the authorities of various countries and international companies $ 11.3 billion. All this happened after illegal financial transactions and the governments lost potential taxes from the sale of tokens.

It is worth noting that even despite such a sad statistics of break-ins, blockchain-technology has an incredible growth potential in the next couple of years, and its use is so wide that it includes virtually all spheres of ordinary people’s life.


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