There was a new crazy theory of the origin of crypto-currency

On the Internet, you can easily find a lot of funny theories. The network allowed people whose opinions relatives and friends did not share, share their ideas with the whole world.

Is Skynet the creator of bitcoin?

This conspiracy theory is promoted by a YouTube channel called UFO Today, which is mainly dedicated to UFOs. This circumstance, however, did not prevent the author of the channel from adding a video propagating the idea that artificial intelligence created bitcoin.

The video says: “Perhaps the reason for the perfection of the code bitcoin lies in the fact that it was not created by one extremely experienced developer or even a team of experienced developers. Perhaps, on the contrary, the code is written by highly developed artificial intelligence? Think about it, because bitcoin appeared just recently. ”

Satoshi Nakamoto is not a man?

As for the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the bitcoin creator, UFO Today assumes that he is not a real person. Apparently, he is an advanced AI who created the cryptocurrency to get people to expand his network and computing power.

The video says: “Scientists around the world are trying to create artificial intelligence, using the most powerful equipment and sophisticated algorithmic constructs. As far as we know, so far no team has succeeded in succeeding in this matter. But can it be that such AI already exists? ”

It makes no sense to say that this is a pretty good material, designed for the like-minded channel. However, here you can also find a theory and that bitcoin was created by aliens. In this connection, the question arises whether the AI works independently or follows their instructions.

It is interesting to follow the constantly emerging conspiracy theories. Someone even believes that the cryptocurrency is part of the biblical prophecy.

All this suggests that if you wait long enough on the Internet, you can find the craziest ideas. Now it remains to wait that there is one who will say that bitcoin was created by a snowman.


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