Japan expects assistance from the G20 in combating money laundering through crypto-currencies

The Reuters news portal reported that the Japanese government plans to appeal to the G-20 countries to help prevent money laundering with the help of cryptocurrency.

The representative of the G-20, anticipating the very fact of the treatment of Japan, said that it is unlikely that the country will be able to get assistance at the desired level from the G20 members because the approaches of the states to the regulation of the Crypto-currency differ significantly. This, of course, prevents them from jointly developing global rules.

“At the upcoming summit, the discussion will not focus on the fact that crypto-currency trading can be a threat to the traditional banking system, but rather to protect the rights of ordinary users. Members of the G20 are not going to introduce too harsh measures to limit the crypto-currency activity of the population, “the official underlines.

It is known that at the G-20 summit, which is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday next week in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the report of the FATF intergovernmental organization on effective measures to counter money laundering through crypto-currency will be presented.

Recall that the proposal to discuss the regulation of the Crypto-currency at the G-20 summit, except Japan, was already put forth by France and Germany in the faces of finance ministers who sent letters to Argentine colleague Luis Caputo.


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