Since 2014, the popular singer has been selling tickets for his performances for the bitcoins

After Snoop Dogg and Nas supported the Robinhood application, one of the most popular rappers – Jay Z also decided to join the company’s support. At the moment, it is estimated at $ 1.5 billion and announced the launch of its token.

Shawn Carter, known to the public as Jay-Z owns a personal entertainment company, called Roc Nation. Its main task is to find new talents, produce films, publish music and promote concerts.

To date, the performer plans to focus on startups, therefore under the auspices of Roc Nation appeared Arrive Venture Capital. The head of this subsidiary, Neil Carney, said that Arrive was founded in order to use all the resources and experience of employees to create new brands, to develop a business that is focused on consumers, managing artists and developing sports. This diversified range, he said, is excellent for a new vertical – entrepreneurs and early stages of their business.

Robinhood said in late January that it will expand the range of services. Among them – free deals in Bitcoin and Ethereum, which caused just an incredible amount of advertising. Despite the fact that the company has never stated its intention to become a currency exchange, analysts are still confident that the transition to this format would help Robinhood become a worthy opponent to the already existing popular platforms. By the way, in just a week more than 1 million people subscribed to their services.

Returning to the topic of rappers and cryptocurrency, we note that even in spite of the recent news of 50 Cent, which sold one of the albums for BTC since 2014, Jay-Z is still a pioneer. Tickets for the concert of the artist at the Solder Field stadium in the same 2014 were sold for bitcoins with the help of the Chicago Sun Times.


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