Blockchain technology, which is the heart of the bitcoin revolution, can become a wand for journalists

The journalism came to be at the center of dirty trials. Last decade became the heaviest in all history of the existence of this sphere. Standards of the provision of information fall, salaries are reduced, printed media fall into decay, and news which we see, we read or we hear, are under the powerful influence of politicians who can sit even not in our country at all.

Fight against fake news

The probability is high that content and posts on social networks are paid. Besides, there is a problem of fake news which, apparently, can derail all sphere of journalism. According to The New York Times, fake news came under the spotlight in the middle of the presidential elections in the USA in 2016 and still remain a problem for which there is no decision yet.

Not to lag behind today’s promptly changing world, the sphere of journalism and media shall be transformed. The giants and magnates controlling publishing houses for personal advantage or rendering influence on readers — not news in the sphere of media. But never before this feature became a real problem which we faced today. From the richest people of America the largest and most influential publishing houses which are in financial crisis arrive to redeem and control sentences.

In November, 2017, a week later after the agreement of reporters and editors of DNAinfo and Gothamist on combining both companies suddenly stopped existence. Joe Ricketts, the founder billionaire who supported the President Trump based DNAinfo in 2009. In the blog he said that closing is connected to the financial reasons and low profitability. The same year in March the DNAinfo company bought Gothamist to integrate two websites.

Gawker — the scandalous blog with rumors and gossips — was stimulated to stop existence after it lost in court the claim for $140 one million from Hulk Hogan. It is remarkable that was clarified later that this lawsuit was secretly sponsored by the investor from Silicon Valley, the venture capitalist, the founder and the being principal of PayPal Peter Til. In 2007 in Gawker Media there was a notice that Til is the homosexual. Perhaps, it also caused trial financing. In January, 2018 there was a message that Peter Til intends to buy Gawker.

Promising blockchain projects

The blockchain technology which is heart bitcoin revolution can become a lifesaver for journalism. The new platform on a basis a blockchain under the name Civil hopes to create the new future for the sphere — journalism so impartial, more than ever before. Civil — the platform on a blockchain of an efirium which, according to statements, has 20 news services. The decentral journalistic project collected $5 one million during financing from ConsenSys working in the sphere a blockchain development. The company also announced start of the CVL cryptocurrency which will be used by readers of the platform for payment of access to content on the website.

One more project on a basis a blockchain, Publicism — the company from Amsterdam, cooperating with Press Photo, Free Press Unlimited and other non-governmental organizations. Publicism sees an opportunity to bypass censorship and to make micro payments for support of the free press in blockchain technology. The project is for the test stage and offers journalists and photographers a site, the free from censorship. Also association and an involvement in a site of officials is encouraged.


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