The legend of the photo industry will create a blockchain platform

A world-famous manufacturer of photographic equipment and components Kodak said in an official Twitter that he was going to create a blockchain platform KODAKOne and conduct an ICO. It was already announced a partnership with Wenn Digital, which is necessary to implement the plan.

KODAKOne’s cryptocurrency will be called KodakCoin and will work in the photo industry, namely, to provide photographers and companies with effective control over the management of copyrights to images.

“With the help of the blockchain, KODAKOne platform will create a special digital register of copyrights of photographers who will be able to register there both old and new images of themselves, and then to license them,” Kodak representatives said.

It is curious that immediately after the announcement of the company, its shares rose in price by as much as 44%, which indicates the potential interest of users to ICO Kodak, which is already scheduled for January 31, 2018. Participate in the initial offer of coins will be registered users from Canada, the United States, EU countries and others.

Recall that the company founded in 1888, Kodak flourished for more than a century and was the world leader in the production of film for cameras, but with the advent of digital photos, the company almost went bankrupt and was forced to urgently change the nature of its activities. Now the company’s management places great hopes on the cryptocurrency because the Kodak business is still not going well.


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