The new patent request of Lenovo assumes that the Chinese technology giant can use a blockchain as a part of the system of the check of the reliability of documents.

In the patent application published last Thursday by Bureau according to patents and trademarks of the USA (U.S. PatentanTrademark Office — USPTO), the Lenovo company describes setup which uses the sign-code signatures encoded in physical documents which can be processed by computers and other machines for the purpose of the check of the legitimacy of the document.

The request was for the first time submitted in August 2016 as it is shown by public records on a network.

The machine of processing decodes the signature and transfers it to digital “card” of the document which then can be compared to its physical copy. In the patent application, it is said that the sign-code signature represents “the protected blockchain” with a series of the sign-code signatures representing units.

Lenovo explains that it “the protected blockchain” represents a distributed database which maintains permanently the growing list of the data records protected from a fake and revising”.

Further, it is said that each unit contains “information on the physical document in different timepoints”.

Lenovo writes about the product:

“Using a safe blockchain, each side can confirm that they own the relevant authentic physical document even if there are several paper copies, and several people made records in a chain of changes. If any fakes exist, they will be displayed as orphan units in a chain. For validation of the paper copy of the document, the picture of a printing code of the physical copy is necessary for the user of the electronic device”.

The Lenovo company claims that the principal advantage of their product is what all sides retaining copies of the document can guarantee that they “view the relevant and exact copy” at any moment, excepting a possibility of the essential change of the text of the document after it was signed with “the ink pen”.

It is not the first experiment of Lenovo with a blockchain. Last year the Forbes log reported that the company began to work with IBM over the system of drawing of scores on the basis of a blockchain. At that time in the report, it was specified that creation of the system which would make the drawing of scores and operational data more tracked and the transparent was finite the purpose of this operation.


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