Bitcoin is rapidly losing ground as a means of payment in DarkNet

A group of experts from the Recorded Future conducted their own research on the issue of network security. If you believe its results, then bitcoin may lose its leading position in the coming year in the role of the dominant token Darknet. As the main contenders nominated candidates Litecoin and Dash. This was reported by the publication Bloomberg.

Operations in the network bitcoin are currently more expensive and less rapid, due to the load due to the appearance of millions of new users. As a result, some of the crypto-enthusiasts, including those working in the black markets with illegal goods, switch to other tokens.

Understand correctly, Bitcoin, as before, is the gold standard for payment of illegal goods and services, however, it loses its positions with enviable speed. Litecoin now takes almost a third of the market sites Darknet. At least among those who work with the crypt. Dash also uses about 20% of such resources.

Ryan Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Dash Core Group noted that they do not know a single resource in Darknet where their tokens can be paid and a withdrawal of about 20% is absurd.

During the Recorded Future study, more than 150 forums, trading platforms, and illegal Darknet services were processed, after which it was concluded that Litecoin is the second largest among users of Darknet. Specialists from Somerville also displayed geographic data, based on which the residents of the Russian Federation are most fond of Litecoin because of their convenience. The British, for example, choose this coin because of its anonymity.


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