For Litecoin payment processing Litepay is ready

The team of the creators of Litecoin as early as December 2017 announced the beginning of its work on the processing service for “crypto-silver”. Two months after this event, developers are ready to provide their product for everyone to see.

In the near future, it will begin to work, and this will enable users of cryptocurrency to quickly and painlessly pay for their purchases of goods and services with the help of Litecoin.

Holders of LTC will be able to request a debit card for themselves. It is assumed that it will become a Visa card, which will be easily replenished from any wallet or with the help of a regular deposit. With it you can withdraw cash from any ATM compatible with this card, that is, almost any.

“This is a revolutionary step for us, and we are very pleased that we managed to complete the work on Litepay on such short terms. Now sellers of services and goods can easily accept payments without thinking about the volatility of the price of the cryptocurrency. Litepay will instantly process the payment and send it directly to the bank account of the seller company, “representatives of Litecoin said.


To date, the processing chip in the market for cryptocurrency is BitPay. He charges a transaction fee of $ 5, which is very much, of course, and often takes an unacceptably large amount of time to confirm it. We must assume that Litepay will make him a serious competitor.

It should be noted that this is a big step forward not only for Litecoin but for all crypto world. Cheap and fast transactions will make the service convenient for a wide range of people, and this, of course, will help popularize the cryptocurrency, as well as increase their liquidity.

Charlie Lee did not forget to mention one more product, which was worked on at the Litecoin Foundation – it’s LitePal processing. This service has its own blog and the first entry in it appeared yesterday. It says that LitePal is a universal online method for making money transactions. You can replenish LitePal with Bitcoin, Litecoin, PayPal and Western Union.

Recall that last month it was reported that the minimum amount of commission for the broadcasting transaction in the network Litecoin will be reduced to $ 0.003 / kb. Now it is $ 0.3 / kb.


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