The official site was quietly closed, and all traces of the presence of the project in social networks are “cleaned up”

The investment platform LoopX promised to bring sponsors a lot of money with the help of a unique trading algorithm and managed to collect about 4.5 million dollars. However, upon reaching this amount, LoopX quietly closed the official website, simultaneously “cleaning up” all traces of its presence in the social network. networks.

Among the deleted accounts are the official ICO pages on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube. The only thing left after the project is a discussion on BitcoinTalk, created in December 2017. Now, this topic literally bursts at the seams from reports of deceived investors.

According to the last saved copy of the web page, 276 bitcoins and 2,446 tokens of Ethereum were transferred to swindlers’ wallets during 5 stages of token sale held in January of this year.

The site says that the team spent several months developing and testing software, and in particular, an algorithm, thanks to which the network can now earn much more than ever in real life.

LoopX presented their own Roadmap on the BitcoinTalk resource. According to her, the team planned to launch an investment platform, then open its internal stock exchange and in February to enter the external one.

The user took one of the fragments of the remote Whitepaper, where it was written that now every investor has the opportunity to join the world revolution, gaining financial independence, and also that the ICO’s main goal is to do all the work for investors, allowing them to relax and just watch for how their capital will grow.

On Reddit in January, a topic was noticed in which the user tried to analyze in detail this token and the statement of the creators of LoopX, saying that hardly anyone of them is going to realize the promised. It’s a pity that, like a lot of similar warnings about possible fraud, no one paid much attention to this either.

In 2018 this is the fifth time a major fraud by the ICO. One has only to remember how in early January the BitConnect pyramid was closed, and now the Italian stock exchange BitGrail is suspected of deception about the hacking, as a result of which the founder declared bankruptcy.

We again remind you that any investment of funds should be exclusively considered. And even more so, never believe the sweet promises of the mountains of gold at zero cost and time.


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