Medium representatives teach users to find fraudulent blockchain projects

Medium platform has gained considerable popularity, especially recently, due to the influx of creative authors from around the world, ready to tell the people around them interesting information in this or that sphere.

The other day the representatives of Medium made a statement concerning not only the cryptocurrency but also the initial placement of coins. They urged users to carefully study information about the activities of a particular company in other sources and interact with it only through proven resources. This is also written on the official website of Medium.

The reason for this statement was that the platform employees themselves do not subject accounts or posts of users to a certain type of verification before they are published, so all the consequences fall on the shoulders of the community members themselves.

In Medium, each reader was advised to familiarize themselves with the data on the website of the US Federal Trade Commission in order to be aware of the risks involved in investing in digital currencies or ICO. In addition, several references to instructions for identifying potential fraud in the field of crypto-currency and a set of certain rules were posted on the website.

One of the Swiss blockchain companies – Eidoo has already announced the withdrawal from the Medium resource and the creation of its own blog after the project announced the revision of its policy on cryptocurrency.


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