Coinhive became the most demanded software among unfair miners

The cryptocurrencies become more popular, the also the quantity of cases of scale cracking and hacker attacks to services in the sphere of a blockchain increases more promptly. Specialists of the Israeli company Check Point Software Technologies said that the attacks of miners occurred most often among the hacker attacks last year.

The principal of Check Point, Maia Horowitz claims that rise of their activity became especially noticeable for the last several months. The Maynersky attacks are one of the most difficult for the organizations as those come from normal websites, as well as millions of other users then connect devices of the potential victims to a network in which there is already a set of the organizations worldwide. To recall at least a recent case with the production of Monero by integration of a JS script into advertising banners on YouTube.

The Check Point command also defined the most demanded software among miners. Well-known Coinhive which was really used almost in each case of the mining attacks to this or that website became it. It gets the Monero cryptocurrency without the knowledge of users when those as usual surf on a network, without suspecting anything.

It is no wonder that hackers so love Monero, this token not only is one of the most popular among cryptocurrencies but also provides to the owners’ complete confidentiality of financial transactions.

As of January of this year, Coinhive attacked 23% of the large world companies. 21% of the organizations are still infected by the second for popularity among unfair miners of a software – Fireball. It gives them control over browsers, allowing to involve them for loading of any harmful software from a network.

We hope that this year the number of the mining attacks will be reduced owing to the complication of production of popular cryptocurrencies though the statistics indicate the opposite so far.


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