Vitalik Buterin sacrificed $764 000 for a study of problems of AI

The creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin is known that he does not feel sorry for own funds for science. It periodically sacrifices the improbable sizes of the amount on a study of problems which reads important. This year it sacrificed $2,4 million to institute which is engaged in the fight against ageing of the person. And earlier I considered necessary to give to 100 ETH Internet Archive project which collects copies of web pages, applications and the software to save the history of the Internet.

The other day it became known that he transferred into the account of Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) fund which is engaged in a study of the estimated risks connected to the operation of an artificial intelligence $764 thousand. The foundation was set up in 2000, and its main task is the financing of projects which are engaged in the interaction of the person and reasonable computers.

The generous translation was made in the ETH cryptocurrency, this largest donation which the fund received in 2017. It is known that problems of an artificial intelligence strongly worry representatives of financial technical-branch. So twelve years before Peter Til — the co-founder of PayPal selected $100 thousand from own funds for a study of possible risks of operation of AI. Curious is the fact that for 2017 MIRI was succeeded to collect $2,5 million, and it in the whole two times is more, than was initially planned. At the same time, nearly 70% of the raised funds came to fund in cryptocurrencies (in BTC and ETH).


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