The largest number of phishing apps is on Google Play and the AppStore

The company RiskIQ, whose main activity is cybersecurity, presented the results of its own research. They report that on the Internet, and specifically in 20 different application stores, among which there are even such giants as AppStore and Google Play, there are over 660 applications created for theft of cryptocurrency from user wallets.

As for the application store from Google, in it, the attackers mainly focus on user requests from the category: “Bitcoin wallet”, “Bitcoin exchange” and the most popular of all – “Cryptocurrency”. All this, of course, is done not only to reach the target audience, but also to obtain user data.

Vice President of RiskIQ Fabian Libe warned users that before they give money or personal information, they must carefully study the application, having read at least reviews about it and checking its developer “for lice”. Only in this way can you have a minimum guarantee that this is a reliable service and be confident in your own choice.

The issue of security on the Internet with the advent of digital currencies has become even more urgent because on a wave of interest in the sharp jumps of courses there are more and more ignorant or simply naive users becoming tantalizing victims for various kinds of cyber-criminals.


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