Criminals are looking for ways to sell stolen cryptocurrency

The developers of XEM, as promised, managed to track coins stolen from Coincheck to an anonymous account.

The NEM Foundation team found that the attackers are trying to move the stolen tokens to 6 different exchangers for further sale of the cryptocurrency.

According to Alexandra Tinsman, a company spokeswoman, the criminals are trying to send coins to random accounts, while they divided them into 100 lots at 83 dollars each.

As Jeff McDonald, the fund’s vice president, said, NEM Foundation employees are now working with crypto-exchanges to jointly track down and catch criminals.

Also, according to McDonald, intruders will not get rid of the stolen immediately – the market simply can not cope with such volume. Hackers are likely to want to hide with some of the stolen coins.

Recall that the creators of XEM were specifically created an automated tag system, which made it possible to track the movement of stolen crypto-currencies


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