The coin managed to successfully maintain positions in the bullish trend

This Monday, however, like the past, began with a massive drop in exchange rates, which predicted a lot of experts who say that the correction will last until the end of January.

But in every “battle” in the crypto-currency market among dozens of victims there is always a winner. This time it was the coin NEO. While most tokens fell into the hands of a bear, it managed to successfully defend its position in a bullish trend.

After the scandals in South Korea, the majority of demanded altcoins in this country began to fall, however, NEO not only managed to keep the price but also continued active growth. By the way, this cryptocurrency is also often called Chinese ether.

At the time of this writing, NEO reached its historic maximum – the price for one token reached $ 164.72 cents, while last week its value was 92 dollars. That is, we see an increase of almost 56%.

While unforeseen falls NEO is not planned and most likely it will remain in an upward trend within the next week. Moreover, this coin is considered one of the most stable altcoin, and its capitalization has long struck a mark of 10.6 billion dollars.


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