ICO, which was advertised by Steven Seagal, was stopped

The news CoinDesk portal reported today that the Bureau of securities of the American State of New Jersey decided to stop activities of the Bitcoiin project which was advertised quite recently by Steven Seagal.

What, in a judgement, the Bitcoiin regulator sells during ICO tokens which get underdetermination of securities and which were not registered per se served as the reason for that. Also, the Bureau of securities of a staff specifies that all creators of the project are anonymous, and only Steven Seagal as the person Bitcoiin is provided to the public, this fact undoubtedly causes suspicions.

Besides the authorities draw the attention of users that most likely the Hollywood actor owns some share in this project because there is anywhere no information on amounts of remuneration which Stephen could receive for advertising.

As for the most cryptocurrency project under the name Bitcoiin, it is positioned as “the digital currency of the second generation”, however, of Bitcoiin has a row of very similar moments with notorious startups of OneCoin and BitConnect. First of all, fears are caused by the stated opportunity to gain “essential income” only for storage of tokens of Bitcoiin in the purses. Also within the project, the referral system with several levels which promises to participants large rewards are provided.

It is worth marking that just yesterday, that is how activities of the project it appeared under a ban, Segal wrote on the Twitter that coins of Bitcoiin will be added on the exchange known for all, without having specified at the same time its name.

The bureau on securities of New Jersey emphasizes that advance of cryptocurrencies celebrities does not guarantee that the project does not set as the main objective deception and roguish actions for the purpose of personal enrichment of creators. The anonymous Bitcoiin command is also suspected of it.

We will remind that last year on ICO Centra which was actively promoted by the boxer Floyd Mayweather investors submitted a collective claim. Then the project was accused of violation of the law of the USA about securities.


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