Co-founder MyEtherWallet left the project and created a new purse MyCrypto

It became known that one of the founders of the successful and popular Ethereum-purse MyEtherWallet (MEW) Taylor Monahan decided to finish its work on this project and switch to the creation of a new crypto-purse, called MyCrypto. The wallet runs on the same code as MyEtherWallet.

Taylor renamed the Twitter account from MEW to MyCrypto, since she originally had the right to administer it. Just before summer 2018, it is planned to launch an extended version of the mobile application and applications for computers, as well as the release of the updated version of the site.

Monahan states that she wants to provide users with an alternative to MEW in the form of MyCrypto. Now users will have a choice between these two wallets. The creation and development of the second project involved a team of exceptional specialists, whom Taylor selected personally.

When asked why Taylor created MyCrypto, she responds that she wanted to achieve the maximum balance between security, decentralization, privacy, honesty, and ease of use. Monahan believes that MyCrypto will become a perfect project than MyEtherWallet. She also emphasizes that the bright future awaits the crypto industry, and she wants to work on a project that is as close to the ideal as possible.

It should be noted that this event is not affected by the work of MyEtherWallet, which is familiar to many holders of crypto portals. It will continue to work in the regular mode.


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