While the criminals were able to steal only two Ethereum

Chinese cyber-security experts from Netlab 360 have identified a virus that was not known to them until now. Malicious software infects computers of miners and steals the crypts they’ve extracted. While the success of this virus is not impressive – criminals were able to steal only 2 Ethereum, which for today is $ 2 thousand. Nevertheless, experts are concerned about the very fact of its appearance, since in the future it can get much more widespread.

The virus is a new version of the Satori program, with which Netlab 360 employees have already been familiar. The previous versions infected a variety of devices from routers and computers to cameras, which by order of malicious software began to perform the actions required by attackers from DDoS attacks to mining. A new kind of Satori is aimed specifically at the computers of the miners – it changes the addresses to which the extracted crypto-currencies need to be transferred, nothing happens with the infected computer and the miner may not immediately notice that his money flows into someone else’s pocket.

The new Satori saw the light only on January 8 and while only 2 Ethereum came to the purse of scammers and in the last 24 hours another 0.156 ETH – just over $ 15. This means that the computing power of computers that have been infected is not large yet and amounts to approximately 2 million hashes per second.


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