Microsoft Corp. has removed the function of payment by bitcoin from all active payment instruments. Microsoft was among the first companies that mastered bitcoin, even the former head of Corporationtion Bill Gates expressed his positive crypto-currencies.

Microsoft’s decision was confirmed by published correspondence with representatives of customer support. As the main reasons that influenced such a decision, Microsoft called volatility, as well as the risks associated with investing in crypto-currencies.

Nevertheless, users can still use bitcoin to put money on their Microsoft accounts, buy games, movies and applications on them everywhere, except Microsoft Store. This problem would not worry users so much if they had the opportunity to recover their funds, but at the moment this, unfortunately, is impossible, say representatives of Microsoft.

The Microsoft store has become one of the largest trading platforms that have stopped supporting bitcoin. Other companies such as Square, in contrast, introduced the possibility of paying purchases by bitcoins as early as last year. Nevertheless, due to the increased volatility of the bitcoin exchange rate for the last quarter of 2017, the risks of its support by similar organizations also increased.


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