The Zcash announces the first program up-dating of a network

Developers of the protected Zcash cryptocurrency announced the release of the first updating of the Zcash Overwinter network.

In the message published in the blog Zcash on March 2, it is said that Overwinter — “necessary updating of the software”.

According to plans of developers, the updated Zcash network 1.1.0 will begin operation in April 2018. Start of updating of the main circuit is planned for June 25, 2018. Overwinter will allow developers to execute the first updating of the basic Zcash-Sapling protocol which, according to plans of Zcash, shall earn in September 2018.

Follows from the blog posting that Overwinter shall strengthen the protocol of an updated network, having prepared it for further upgrade, in particular, to the implementation of the Sapling protocol.

The Zcash command reports that the software of Overwinter will significantly expand possibilities of a network: the transactions this about completion, monitoring of versions, protection against repeated transactions for updates of a network and increase in level of transparency of operations.

Zcash developers mark that for operation on an updated network it is enough for users to update the software:

“It is rather simple to update your software of Zcash. This network up-dating is not directed to the creation of a fork of a blockchain or new cryptocurrency”.

Launched on October 28, 2016, the altcoin Zcash (ZEC) allows users to make anonymous operations with the help of a cryptography method of “zero-knowledge” under the name zk-SNARK. At the time of writing of this material ZEC bargains at the price about $390,84, taking the 24th place among 100 main cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap. Market capitalizations of a coin are made by $1,330 202 019.

In February 2018 it was reported that according to forecasts of specialists of Grayscale Investments crypto fund, by 2025 the price of ZEC can reach a point of $62000 if, of course, by then “The Zcash provides at least 10% of all offshore assets”.


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