ICO Telegram is still the most important event of this year. Pavel Durov decided to attract several billion dollars, but it is obvious, you can swing and more.

From private investors with several thousand dollars to large “steep” funds. All of them are ready to bring their funds to Durov on a silver platter.

And it’s not surprising if you look at the ICO market in 2017, it becomes obvious that a private investor is ready to invest in almost anything if it is connected with a crypt and a blockchain.

And here such an HYIP: Telegram, ICO, Pavel Durov, the blockchain, crypto-currency.

But the TON is more than just an HYIP ICO. This is the future.

Why 2018

About the fact that the telegram is not sold for a long time, without investors and funds, everything is in the hands of its creator – Paul. Also, the content of the project also costs his savings.

For the sale of VKontakte, Durov received $ 300 million. Therefore, there is money. At least, they were. After all, since that moment, telegrams have been pulling the blanket of expenses all the time.

Shortly before the rumors about the launch of the ICO, Durov in an interview with Bloomberg boasted that potential buyers estimate a $ 3-5 billion messenger. Today it is obvious that this is insultingly small. The team pre-ICO expected to raise $ 850 million, but for a couple of days, they received orders for $ 3.8 billion. Not bad for pre-ICO, right?

What are they collecting for?

Paul three years ago promised that their messenger will be free, and monetization will be built around the platform for third-party developers. Collected funds during the ICO just go to the blockchain-platform TON.

So far, there is only one messenger around the world with a decent monetization system – it’s Chinese WeChat (almost 1 billion users). It can make transfers, pay for purchases – the Chinese cannot live without it. Apparently, it is this future that the creator sees for telegrams.

But the difference is that TON will be built on a blockchain and will receive many other interesting buns.

One of the main features of TON is fast transactions. Visa and Mastercard process thousands or even tens of thousands of transactions per second. The estimated bandwidth of TON will be an order of magnitude higher – millions of transactions per second. Also not bad, right? Especially if you compare with the transaction speed of Bitcoin and Ethereum (7-15 pcs per second) at the moment.

In the white paper, TON was also told about “virtual passports”, which will be assigned to Telegram users for working with payments.

And TON Payments (a platform for micropayments), TON Storage (distributed storage system) and other “chips”.

Inside the platform will go cryptocurrency – Gram.

What will come of this?

Simplicity, reliability, and anonymity of payments will make Gram the first full-fledged cryptocurrency, in the device of which all interested can sort out. And judging by the excitement that caused the ICO, investors believe it.

One of the first projects for the application of the Gram crypt will be the Telegram advertising exchange. The authors of the telegrams of the channels will be able to earn on a paid subscription and receive donations. In addition, the messenger will launch a decentralized application catalog – similar to the App Store and Google Play.

If TON grows at a rapid pace in popularity among the world’s population, then the launch of the analog App Store and Google Play will be very welcome. It is possible that the big players will want to move Telegram, but nothing can be easier than to block the messager in the application market. But it will be useless if there is an “own” application directory.

What does all this give Telegram?

Pavel hopes to increase it to 1 billion. Gram users will be estimated at hundreds of millions. Crypto-currencies are in the masses, the future is already closed.

All messengers were initially free and enthusiastic, but when they grew up, and expenses became impressive, their creators were forced to “sell” in return for the investment. So it was with WhatsApp and Viber etc.

The main difference between the messenger of telegrams from others is that it will be free, confidential and at the same time successful. Collecting funds with the help of ICO, the project will be controlled by its creator. He will be able to implement all useful ideas, which he really has.

What’s next? Creating your OS? Your smartphone? It can be safely assumed – it is very likely.


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