Which should be watched in 2018

Over the past year, the market has been filled with low-quality projects that do not fulfill their promises of data at the start. Have selected for you several interesting projects, which should be followed this year.


The company, which includes former Google engineers, Amazon and Microsoft, is developing a new blockchain system that will be scalable and without permission. Their multi-level design for management was developed and implemented from scratch. The Cypherium blockchain separates control at the protocol level and at the application level, absolutely independently.


Rentberry was established in 2015. This is a decentralized rental housing platform that optimizes the long-term lease process with the help of blockchain and smart contract technologies. The platform allows tenants and landlords to automate all steps from signing the contract to payment without intermediaries. Smart contracts automate bureaucratic procedures, and decentralization offers tenants the opportunity to save thousands of dollars in rental deposits. The arrangements concluded between the landlord and the tenant will be controlled by a computer. This guarantees to the parties the observance of their rights without the participation of intermediaries.


Venture financing technology, known for its patent search system, InnVenn, has expanded its platform to include the ability to buy and sell the intellectual property through its utility tokens, LOCIcoin. InnVenn uses the Ethereum blockchain system to process new applications for registration of intellectual property.


It is a decentralized protocol that manages travelers’ bonuses. Using the technology of blockchain, Trippki hopes to create a tool for communicating hotels and tourists directly, without intermediaries. For hotels, this will mean the absence of a commission, raising their incomes and interacting with the client directly. For tourists, this is noticeable even more convenient booking system than through the aggregators, as well as the possibility of communication with the hotel through Trippki to voice their wishes even before settling.


A platform and protocol capable of changing the way of connecting the whole world. Blockchain technology allows RightMesh networks to identify nodes with secure Ethereum accounts, and tokenization will expand the network, encouraging users to share the resources of their mobile devices, such as the Internet, data, and storage.


This is a decentralized consulting platform, which will enable specialists to receive instantly and safely hourly payments without intermediaries to a third party (students). Through the mobile Experty application, with the help of a smart contract, you can monetize your knowledge as a specialist, and consumers can easily and easily connect with the information carrier and pay for the knowledge gained. The company plans to cooperate with such portals as GitHub, Linkedin, Quora, and Coursera. This will make it easier and faster to enter the market, attract a large number of specialists and achieve recognition.


It is a platform that directly connects customers and retailers using blockchain technology. The key indicator here is the growing use of mobile phones and geolocation to connect retailers directly with their customers through digital coupons. Directivity is the decrease in the effectiveness of traditional expensive advertising.


This decentralized labor market, built on the platform Ethereum. It does not have a huge cost to support the work of the entire platform, so the project team offers a commission of only 3%, in contrast to 10-20% on the usual freelance stock exchanges. Risks related to payments and delivery Coinlancer eliminates using a peer review system to mediate disputes.


It is a platform for sports forecasting, it is based on blockchain technology and is created to solve a number of problems of players. The team plans to build the first decentralized sports bookmaker project, allowing to provide cheaper, safe, tested and transparent rates.


Giftz gives any business the opportunity to “tokenize” their goods and services to sell them as incentives on the exchange, just as airlines sell their miles.



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