Anonymous fund Pineapple donated $ 5 million to Bitcoin for medical research

Recently it became known that the Pineapple fund, which was created by people who wanted to remain anonymous, transferred a substantial amount of money, namely 570 bitcoins or $ 5 million to the Open Drug Facility (OMF) in Agoura Hills, California.

The funds received on the BitPay account were converted into US dollars and then transferred to the needs of studies of chronic fatigue syndrome (a disease that occurs in people mainly in developed countries, the sick person feels tired and broken even after a long rest, this is due to a disruption of work autonomic nervous system).

First, one of the creators of the Pineapple foundation, who calls himself Pine transferred $ 1 million to an open-source drug fund, and after a while, another $ 4 million came from Pineapple.

OMF CEO Linda Tannenbaum believes that the second tranche was received because after the first huge donations in social networks, the community of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome began to express huge gratitude, and as you know, the word “thank you” is much more magical than “please”.

Anonymous patrons did not comment on their broad gesture, which, among the endless reports of a robbery of holders of cryptocurrency and fraud associated with this activity, looks like the hope that people are not completely spoiled by an endless desire for profit.


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