Polish authorities intend to regulate digital currencies in accordance with AML standards

The Council of Ministers of Poland adopted a bill regulating bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. This will prevent attempts to use digital currencies to launder money and finance terrorism. Also, the new bill will require crypto-currency traders and investors to pay taxes to the state treasury.

The document specifies “compulsory institutions”, which will fall under the new legislation – these are exchangers and other intermediaries, in one way or another connected with the crypto-currency industry.

According to AML rules, institutions that promote bitcoin will need to conduct an expert examination of clients for legal purity, and if suspicious transactions are detected, they should immediately report to the appropriate authorities.

Roughly, the new laws will enter into force in the next three months, however, many users believe that some laws can only begin to operate after 18 months after publication.

Recall that previously the Digital Ministry and the Polish organization for the development of the blockade announced the news about the development of the national digital currency Digital PLN.


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