The owner of Viber Hiroshi Mikitani provided the Rakuten Coin project

The CEO of the Japanese giant of electronic commerce Rakuten Hiroshi Mikitani provided the Rakuten Coin project.

The presentation took place this week in Barcelona, on an action of Mobile World Congress. On Tuesday Mikitani explained that this project — a method to help the company to expand the international client basis.

According to TechCrunch, it is not clear yet when the cryptocurrency is launched. Nevertheless, the firm intends to make finally Rakuten Coin available to use on all the directions which, in addition to the international trading floor, include the travel agency, service for video calls and message exchange of Viber and also many others.

Moreover, he hopes to use cryptocurrency for the attraction of the bigger number of clients worldwide, quoting it as a “boundless” payment method which can lower rates for an exchange rate. The company stated that it already sees the international demand for this direction.

Rakuten often compares to Amazon which at the beginning of 2015 began to accept payments in bitcoin via the payment Bitnet processor. And after the purchase of Bitnet in 2016 I hired two former employees of a startup for creation a blockchain laboratory in Belfast.

Thanks to the cryptocurrency Rakuten system, the company which is engaged in electronic commerce also hopes to do the similar operation, creating a client basis at the global level.

The idea consists in strengthening interest in cryptocurrencies for the sake of involvement of new clients to the loyalty program which since launch in 2003 brought to the company more than 9 billion dollars.



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