Weiss has published a report on crypto-currencies

The rating company Weiss published a long-awaited report on crypto-currencies.

Interest in this study was so great that at some point the agency’s website went into offline mode, apparently to be able to quietly finish the work. Later representatives of the company said that the resource was inaccessible for a short time because of cyber attacks.

To carry out this study, a special computer model was created that takes into account 4 indices – the main, technological and benefit and risk indices.

Each of the coins subjected to deep analysis was given a final score – A, B, C, D, and E (where A is the highest rating).

In total, 74 tokens were investigated.

The most interesting in the report was that bitcoin was given, to put it mildly, not the most enviable rating of C +. Such an assessment, according to experts from Weiss, is due to high volatility, problems with scalability, management, and power consumption.

Rating B received Ethereum, Neo, and Cardano, and Bitcoin Cash earned a rating of C-.

The highest A rating was not awarded to any of the Crypto-currency.

Representatives Weiss explained that the ratings of A and B can be regarded as a recommendation to buy. However, holders of C-rated tokens should also not worry – such crypto-currencies need to be kept until better times, which, according to analysts, are not far off.

But coins with a rating of D and E should be sold – such estimates were received, for example, Novacoin and Salus.

The company Weiss Ratings was founded in 1971, since then, the agency’s analysts have compiled an impressive number of ratings for 55,000 investment products and financial institutions.


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