Whether time to become a part of the conquering world of anonymous digital assets came?

Porosvyashchenny readers for certain know that the bitcoin is not absolutely anonymous cryptocurrency, and it is rather a cryptocurrency “with an alias”. As the bitcoin for protection of transactions uses the public key, it is perceived as confidential as such key is not connected to any type of the identified information. But, theoretically, information on the person using bitcoins can be picked up for a certain time frame.

Fortunately, there is a set of options and for those who want to use absolutely anonymous cryptocurrency, and some of these options already at all very famous. Dash, Monero and many others belong to such currencies. Considering existence more than 50 “confidential tokens”, to select from them someone it is difficult and not clear how they work and whether it should be taken into account generally them for investments.

Today we will tell you everything that it is necessary to know about anonymous cryptocurrencies. Why the interest in anonymous cryptocurrencies grows so promptly? The most obvious response — taxes. For example, the Republican Party of the USA expressed the intention to tax trade in bitcoin and Ethereum. Similar moods are available also in some other countries. And considering already operating rules of monitoring of cryptocurrencies in the USA and other states, the popularity of the tokens offering the true confidentiality and anonymity, most likely, will continue to grow.

Anonymous currencies are how lawful?

The short response — quite. The Senate of the USA recognized the virtual currency as a valid means of exchanging in 2013. In North America, hostless payment service providers are read by valid financial services.

Some countries, such as Canada, decided that the virtual currencies are subject to the current laws hindering money laundering. The European Union at the moment only intends to issue the official decision concerning the use of cryptocurrencies and therefore, meanwhile certain EU countries regulate this question. For example, Great Britain allowed the use of the virtual currencies, but they are assessed with a value-added tax (VAT) because of the volatile price of such digital assets.

5 best anonymous tokens and as to receive them

As it was mentioned above, today there are many anonymous coins, and all are issued every month new and new, but we read this five the best for anonymous trade.

  • Dash (DASH)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Zcash & Zclassic (ZEC and ZLC)
  • Spectrecoin (XSPEC)


The Dash function under the name PrivateSend provides financial privacy of users, without disclosing the origin of means. Dash in your digital purse consists of unequal “input data” which serve as separate tokens. The mechanism breaks inputs of transactions into standard units and mixes them with inputs of two other people, at the same time your coins do not leave a purse.

Dash uses decentralization and chain approach, applying the protocol allowing the currency to remain interchangeable. The Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with aliases considerably lag behind Dash in it to the sphere. The Dash network offers anonymous transactions with the instantaneous confirmation and two-factor check of operation and also an independent model of independent financing through motivated nodes.

You can buy DASH on CEX by means of the credit card or bank transfer. Also, there is Kraken — the popular exchange with one of the largest trading volumes in euro. On it, it is possible to buy and sell DASH in couples of DASH/USD, DASH/EUR and/or DASH/XBT.


Confidential transactions were added to Monero in January 2017, and it gave to this cryptocurrency a powerful spur. Connecting sending and receiving the public key, Monero creates “mixer” which hides the address and makes the analysis of a blockchain almost impossible.

The set of unique properties among which — the high level of safety and impossibility of tracing is one of the most significant is connected to Monero. The XMR network works with the technology of the decentral distributed confirmation and just does not take the centralized place for the attack in case of cracking. Unlike other popular cryptocurrencies, in Monero your means are not connected to your open address. Therefore if you divulge it to someone, this person does not learn how many of you money. Monero can be bought on Binance.


As well as in a case with bitcoin, the quantity of coins of Zcash is restricted, but they are distributed much more slowly that leads to an artificial deficit. Using zk-SNARKS for protection of the amount and the receiver of the transaction, Zcash is the transparent currency with excellent perspectives in the future. This version of the proof with zero disclosure allows traders to show the number of coins which they have, to other users, without being afraid of draining of additional information.

Technical documentation of Zcash provides to future investors the detailed information about the technical aspect of things, explaining that transactions occupy less than 1 CB of the place and are checked less than for 6 milliseconds. Zclassic — fork Zcash removing 20% the fee charged with normal Zcash. Zclassic is favorable to miner because they receive an award in the form of the whole unit for the efforts. These private coins can be bought on Coinbase. To convert bitcoins into Zcash, it is possible to use Binance.


PIVX provides complete interchangeability and anonymity. Using the protocol zerocoin, PIVX guarantees the safety of your means and deletes you from “the list of rich men”, thereby protecting from the harmful attacks. All of us heard about the firms executing laws to precluding to money laundering which traces history of transactions and includes coins in the blacklist. Users of PIVX have protected from such types of researchers thanks to an opportunity to mint zPIV. Getting PIV, you never should worry that dealers will enter your coin in the blacklist. The coin of PIVX began to apply slow transmission to a warranty of complete confidentiality, directing transactions on the delayed phase before transmission. Coins of PIV can be bought at several reliable exchanges.


It seems Spectrecoin will grow promptly and quickly in the new year. Developed for the provision of confidential tools in financial transactions and communications, Spectrecoin coin completely ciphers all activities of the user by means of the OBFS4 protocol. Multi-layer addresses do not allow to address nodes on their IP addresses and if someone tries to look at the user’s traffic, he will see a traffic from accidental nodes on a network.

With such ambitious plans and the main emphasis on confidentiality, it is not surprising why many say that Spectrecoin will beat out Onion from a game. Spectrecoin developers even carried out the successful test to penetrate through “A great Chinese firewall”. You can buy, sell or trade in Spectrecoin on Cryptopia.

Important and completely legal methods to use private coins

Law enforcement authorities and politicians worry that an opportunity to anonymously send money will allow users to buy and sell illegal materials. As we already saw during the suppression of FBI of the Silk Road platform, the bitcoin was used for the purchase of illegal substances and other goods, therefore, such fears are quite explainable.

Therefore anonymous tokens, it is fair or not, are figured as something that it is used only to criminals and terrorists. However, there is a set of the reasons why average law-abiding citizens can prefer anonymous cryptocurrencies too. We will also tell about these reasons below.

In recent years the blockchain technology is applied in different spheres. Private tokens use a blockchain for distribution of the register. All who are suspicious of anonymous cryptocurrencies just should look at that amount of advantages and advantages which they offer the people wishing to remain incognito because of the financial, moral or personal reasons. There are some examples.

1. Anonymous help

Though much like to show the political and social affiliation, wearing emblems and logos on hoses, some prefer to keep such information around. For example, if someone is an opponent of abortions, but works in the environment where employers and employees adhere to opposite views, then the contribution to support of the close idea can be made with such cryptocurrencies, without disclosing the personality.

In the same way, if you want to support the rights of the gay community, the technology a blockchain allows you to make it, and your action will remain anonymous. To put it briefly, private tokens allow putting the ideas which are honestly earned in the close to you, saving confidentiality.

2. Maintaining a confidential business

Private tokens — the fine decision for businessmen or the companies which want to send money of other company so that competitors did not learn about it and did not try to take away the contract from under a nose. If you do not want that competitors monitored your sales or the system of deliveries, anonymous cryptocurrencies can become the fine decision. With such cryptocurrencies as Dash and Monero, you will be able to save the know-how and to prevent interception of the client or supplier.

3. Preventing of robberies

Robberies with violence — a global problem, especially in rather poor countries, such as Mexico. Often criminals attack tourists who, according to their assumptions, always have in case of themselves cash. Private coins can help to cope with this problem, anybody will have no access to your means. It is possible to draw quite a valid conclusion that distribution of anonymous cryptocurrencies will promote lowering of the quantity of robberies and thefts. Theft of cryptocurrencies also became recently a widespread problem, but private tokens reduce the probability of such crimes almost to zero. Encoding does not leave hackers any chances to catch tokens, using your browser.

4. Preventing of an interference of the government

It is easy to imagine the world where the government organizations come to all creators of cryptocurrencies and force them to enter measures for elimination of confidentiality and anonymity. We already saw such attempts from the governments in case of establishment of regulatory measures. Therefore if opposition of Monero — AlphaBay also taught us to something, so it to the fact that anonymous cryptocurrencies can seriously complicate the attacks of the government and invasion into your private life, guarding us against tyrants or rascals.

5. Protection of your devices with anonymous tokens

When asking us council for investment, we always say that, first of all, you should buy the virtual private area network (VPN) with the advanced level of encoding. It guarantees that nobody will be able to monitor your purchases with cryptocurrencies or to get access to your purse.

Most VPN have no log, i.e. do not save record about activities of the user and do not collect your personal information. Reliable web hosting and the VPN solution can provide the additional security level for traders. The BolehVPN company registered in Seychelles by VPN allows the clients to pay for VPN services by means of XMR (Monero). Quite possibly, as other services will follow its example in the near future.

As we see, possibilities of anonymous currencies are borderless, and, considering already powerful, created the market, now it is a high time to plunge into the conquering world of anonymous digital assets. With them, all your secrets will remain in case of you.


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