Fake ICO Telegram Open Network earn thousands of dollars on naive users

Already, the Telegram Open Network can be safely called one of the largest ICOs in history, not to mention the number of rumors, daily information coming in and general noise against the background of this project.

All self-respecting investors in the Silicon Valley are going to invest a fabulous amount in this project. For example, the world famous companies Benchmark, Caufield & Byers, Sequoia Capital and many others have already announced their intention to invest at least $ 20 million in this “event”.

Many of the major contributors supported the giants Amazon, Apple and even Google in their time. Sequoia Capital, for example, has more than once taken part in the blockchain-start-ups, among which are sharks of the market, like Bitmain and KnCMiner.

Those who doubt the success of this project – a minimum, because everyone wants to get their piece of profit as soon as possible. This is what dozens of scammers use on the Internet, creating fake websites selling Gram tokens. The saddest thing is that such scam projects get a good income, deceiving thousands of potential TON investors.

One of the users of social. network Facebook shared a story that he was offered to earn $ 20,000 in just one day. The task was to create a fake page for selling the Gram coin and driving traffic to it.

It’s funny that refusals to participate in such machinations on the part of marketers cause scammers sincere bewilderment. But in fact, really, can a man give up a crazy profit of several tens of thousands of dollars in just one day?

On one of the screenshots sent by the user of the telegram messenger Telegram, who was offered to set up contextual advertising, a figure of $ 40,000 was flaunted – that’s how much the fraudster earned their fake for 2 days!

Recall that in early January, there were several complaints from users about the growth of e-mails with an appeal to invest in the Telegram Open Network tokens. In such letters, it was reported that the launch of the digital currency Gram will take place in February 2018 and the price of one token will be $ 0.15. In addition, the project allegedly leaked to the Whitepaper network of the project was attached and links to the “official” site where the present Telegram team was represented.

Pavel Durov, in turn, hastened to warn especially naive users from buying tokens, simultaneously asking to report all the benches in the telegram channel of Antiscam.

We hasten to remind that all information about the upcoming ICO will be published exclusively on the official website of Telegram!


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