The cryptocurrency fund Arrington XRP Capital received the camp-up from SEC

The Securities Commission of the USA subpoenaed representatives of the cryptocurrency investment fund launched last year by the founder of TechCrunch Michael Arrington.

The principal of fund confirmed the camp-up which, by hearsay, he received against the background of the extending investigation of primary placement of coins (ICO) from the Securities Commission of the USA. However, it is not completely clear, investigation and when it began is how widely conducted.

It is already the second case of manifestation of interest of SEC to the crypto industry on this in the days before the giant of electronic commerce Overstock reported to one or two weeks about receiving, a so-called “voluntary” request of documents from SEC in connection with the sale of tokens.

“We received the camp-up. For certain each cryptocurrency fund already received same, Arrington reported — It is normal. They just shall understand what want. They shall set rules to which we will confirm, and the market asks them about it”

We will remind, Arrington announced an investment action during which $100 million was attracted to Arrington XRP Capital fund in November 2017.

SEC still refuses to comment on the volume and the nature of the investigation. According to messages of sources, investigation originates last fall, about 80 camp-ups were delivered since then…


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