In South Korea on Thursday, January 18, will be decided on the regulation of crypto-exchange exchanges, reports Reuters.

Choi Jong-Ku, head of the Financial Services Commission, said what role the new rules can play:

“The government decides to close all local exchanges of virtual currencies or only those that violate the law.”

Thus, the Government of South Korea plans to issue a unified position on the regulation of crypto-exchange exchanges in response to the recent confusion caused by the opposite comments of different officials.

On January 11, the Minister of Justice of South Korea confirmed that the closure of crypto-exchange exchanges is planned in the country. In response, the Administration of the President of the country stated that such a decision has not yet been finally approved.

The head of the Office for the Coordination of Public Policy stated that the Government still does not have a unified position on the current issue. Today’s meeting should help with the development of a decision on the regulation of crypto-exchange exchanges.

Also, the Central Bank of the country made comments on this topic, which may signal even greater disagreements in the Korean government regarding the use of crypto-currencies and their underlying technology.

The head of the bank, Lee Joel, said on Thursday at a news conference that the cryptocurrency is not yet legalized in the state, however, despite this, the Central Bank ponders the national digital currency in South Korea:

“We are considering crypto-currencies from a long-term perspective. The central bank may begin to issue its own digital currency in the future. Studies on this issue have been initiated by the Bank for International Settlements, and we are now directly involved in them. “


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