100 000 citizens of South Korea signed a petition in which they ask the authorities not to allow a ban on crypto-currency trades

Yesterday, South Korea’s Justice Minister Pak San Guy announced the drafting of a bill banning trading on crypto-exchange exchanges. This caused real resonance on trading floors, significantly reducing the overall capitalization of digital tokens. Many forums were filled with dozens of topics discussing this news, Reddit literally cracked at the seams, and traders lost a lot of nerves due to fluctuations in market rates, generously stuffing pockets of manufacturers of sedatives.

Today it became known that more than 100 000 citizens of South Korea signed a petition. In it, they ask the authorities not to allow a ban on crypto-currency trading. In addition, the CCN resource reported that members of the exchanges accuse the Minister of Justice Pak San-Gee that he did not agree to such a high-profile statement with the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, as well as the target group formed by the South Korean authorities and managed to manipulate the world market on his own, ban on the trade in digital currencies.

As a punishment for such a mistake, traders offered to remove the Minister of Justice from office. Unfortunately, Pak San-Guy is unlikely to suffer such a harsh lesson for ill-considered actions, but the authorities are able to force him to make public apologies to the citizens of his country.

Recall that the majority of experts, including the creators of crypto-currencies, took the news about the ban on bidding in South Korea with a lion’s share of skepticism, and therefore we advise you to continue not to take such loud statements seriously, but “keep your hand on the pulse” in time to withdraw blood in the event of a sudden market collapse.



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