CEO Starbucks spoke about the company’s plans for the blockchain and crypto-currency

Blockchain confidently walks the world, attracting the attention of hundreds of thousands of programmers, entrepreneurs, and specialists in various fields. The management of the network of Starbucks coffee houses, apparently, decided that they also should not move away from innovations, but rather vice versa – they need to join the number of their admirers.

CEO of the company Howard Schultz announced the intention to introduce crypto-currencies and blockchain-technology in the strategy of long-term payments. He argues that in this way they will be able to significantly expand the interaction with “digital clients”, bringing them to a new level.

Schultz denied all the rumors about his own crypto-currency network Starbucks and said that the company is not yet going to invest in certain digital currencies or blockchain-start-ups, but it intends to use its position in the market to attract public attention to technology and make the attitude towards them more loyal.

“The world is moving into a new era in which the blockchain will be able to guarantee all digital currencies the proper level of use. But bitcoin, in my opinion, is unlikely to become a real currency – both today and in the future, “Schultz said.

Although Starbucks currently does not plan to produce its own coin, let alone conduct its ICO, Schultz claims that the coffee house network intends to provide a personal mobile platform as a platform for electronic payments to those companies that are really interested in developing blockchain technologies. According to Howard – this will create a legal space for the payment of services by crypto-currencies.


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