The co-founder of Apple said that he took such a decision back in December 2017

While some people convulsively track the rates of cryptocurrency and do not sleep at night, others – physically and morally exhausted from this lifestyle and come to a decision to sell all their crypto-savings. One of the last became and co-founder of Apple – Steve Wozniak, who reported an important decision in the framework of the business forum in Stockholm.

He said that he had invested in bitcoin in the summer of 2017. At that time, the cost of one coin was about $ 700, but here’s the number of purchased tokens Steve has never disclosed. The decision to sell bitcoins, he took in December, when their price reached a maximum of $ 20,000 for a token.

Wozniak noted that buying a digital currency was a fascinating experiment for him.

“When I saw that the rate had risen so high, I decided that I do not want to be one of those who constantly monitors it and worries about the numbers,” the programmer said.

He also stressed that true happiness is not to have a single cause for concern. This is what caused the sale of crypto-currency assets.

Recall that in December of last year, all the stocks of bitcoins were sold by Emil Oldenburg, co-founder of the resource, one of the most famous sites of the cryptocurrency, representing various tools for investing in Bitcoin. According to him, this currency has no prospects to become a trading one, so it decided to get rid of it.

Meanwhile, the main token gets more and more criticism from leading experts and traders. Some invest huge funds in the cryptocurrency and predict the growth of Bitcoin to $ 1 million, while others, on the contrary, call it a “pyramid”.

One of the richest people in the world – trader George Soros, who spoke at the Davos Economic Forum dubbed “a typical financial bubble” bitcoin and all other digital currencies, which caused resentment in the crypto community.


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