The head of stock exchange of Switzerland is convinced that creation of the E-franc cryptocurrency – the excellent idea

The head of the Swiss stock exchange Romeo Lacher claims that the national token of E-franc shall be supported by the Central Bank of Switzerland. The representative of the exchange reasoned for it the fact that he is capable to stimulate effectively national economy, and in case of the active support of E-franc will be able to receive the payment service provider of the raised safety level.

As the principal plus of a national token Lacher sees an opportunity to considerably improve country line items in the list of leaders in the field of high technologies, though does not deny that process of creation of a similar token can be extremely difficult and bring a lot of trouble upon the department. However, proceeding from his words it became clear that the exchange is ready to assist in the solution of all problems, working together with the Central bank of Switzerland and in every possible way promoting it.

The National Bank of Switzerland, in turn, submitted the application with doubt concerning the introduction of own cryptocurrency, especially when all systems of payments perfectly function. The head of the National Bank claims that at the moment the auction of tokens are not resolved and in the nearest future the situation will hardly change. We will mark that on an equal basis with it the Swiss regulators perfectly understand application perspective blockchain technology in all spheres.

The country takes a position of the global leader in the field of a blockchain, but the technology bears in itself considerable risks. The Minister of Economics of Switzerland said that his country is obliged to become “crypto nation” as tokens represent “an essential element of the 4th industrial revolution”.

Now the idea of the creation of a national token is supported by many countries, however, it is still unknown whether all this will be realized.


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