For the past several months, T-Mobile has been actively working on blockchain-technology for enterprises

The interest of the telecommunications giant to the technology of blockchain has grown significantly after it confirmed the participation of its specialists in the work on Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0. Details of their work within the framework of the project are not disclosed.

Despite the fact that the details of the project are kept secret, T-Mobile employee Chris Spanton, senior developer of Hyper Directory – blockchain technology, announced in November last year, talked about some of its stages.

He noted that at every stage of the work the company’s specialists tried to make maximum use of the advantages of open source applications.

For example, Hyperledger Sawtooth is used in the Hyper Directory. It provides access control to mobile cloud storage T-Mobile based on Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Chris Spanton talked about the progress in the development of Hyper Directory at a conference held in Las Vegas last year. Within the framework of the conference, the issues of using blockchain technology for improving the level of security and reducing corporate expenses were discussed.

In an interview with CoinDesk, he added that Hyper Directory has resolved the main precedents for using IAM in T-Mobile’s cloud storage, and using it as a blockchain-technology gives unique opportunities for further development, allowing T-Mobile experts to gain a unique experience.

Open source

A more detailed study of publicly available information about Hyper Directory gives an understanding of how it can help improve the image of T-Mobile.

In his first article on the Hyper Directory, Chris Spanton noted that he was pushed to work on it by the painful problems he had to face when working on cloud-based T-Mobile solutions for large enterprises. Strictly speaking, the main task of Hyper Directory is effective to control of access to cloud storage without unnecessary complications. Thus, Sponton tried to solve the problem of control of change management.

He then describes the system of smart contracts that approve and distribute permissions through the API on the Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain. This provides interaction and integration of the cloud access control system with certain open source software used by T-Mobile.

Originally, the foundation was the recently launched Jazz platform. It also has the open source code and is designed to develop cloud storage platforms without using a centralized server.

But with a more detailed study of open source projects created by T-Mobile, it becomes obvious the possibility of the appearance of its various variations. Along with Jazz, T-Mobile is working on the Keybiner project. It is described in the Github repository as a library that provides the authorization of users to perform a transaction.

Despite the nebulosity of the future of similar projects, it is obvious that not only T-Mobile is seriously engaged in the development of open source solutions on the blockchain.


It should be noted that in the past year patents for the development of solutions based on the blockchain received several potential competitors in the field of telecommunications. Among them – Comcast and British Telecommunications PLC. In addition, as previously reported, the project of the Scandinavian telecommunications giant Telenor planned the launch of the ICO.

T-Mobile continues to battle for its market share, offering specialized open source applications that provide access control to cloud storage. The company expects that its development will be of interest to large investors.

It should be noted that T-Mobile’s subscriber base continues to grow. During the promotional campaign, designed for a year and a half, a wireless operator, serving 69 million subscribers, has acquired at least 1 million new customers. In addition, the company plans to spend $ 8 billion on new equipment for wireless networks.

Commenting on these achievements, Chris Spanton noted that the development of new applications based on the blockchain is a new direction for T-Mobile, but the experience gained allows it to find effective solutions.


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