The creators of XEM are working on a system for tracking stolen with Coincheck tokens

After, to put it mildly, an unpleasant story with the kidnapping of $ 530 million with Coincheck, XEM developers announced the work begun on the creation of an automated tag system designed to track stolen tokens.

Recall that after the incident with the kidnapping, the NEM team postponed the long-planned hard fork of the token, abandoning all efforts to search for the stolen cryptocurrency.

As stated in NEM, the funds can be returned. The developed automated system will become operational approximately in 1-2 days.

This development will track and tag every account that the stolen funds will receive.

NEM also stressed that most of the exchanges have already been provided with information on how to check which of the accounts will be flagged by the system as “suspicious”.

So you can track the movement of stolen funds, despite the “sweeping of traces” by intruders – the money, in any case, will be tracked, they can not disappear.


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