The company plans to double already received amount of 850 million dollars

The command of the Telegram messenger announced the second stage of a pre-token sale Gram among a narrow circle of investors. Thus the company is going to double the amount of 850 million dollars received throughout recently carried out the first stage of the closed sale.

Issuing of The Verge reported about it, having referred to four sources familiar with the current situation around ICO Telegram. Investors received the notification message about the closed pre-sale by e-mail.

Announcements about investments for 850 million dollars very hasty and approximate because the exact amount which will be received by a project team at the second stage so far remains to the unknown even for Durov.

One is known for certain – this project already at the first stage exceeded several times such champions as, for example, ICO Tezos which made a noise last year. Unfortunately, representatives of Telegram refused to give official comments about it.

The Solidus Capital company headed by the managing director – Carlos Mosquera did not receive the invitation to an involvement in second “round” of pre-sale of tokens. However, it did not surprise Mosquera at all. On the contrary, it marked that претокенсейл is hotter now than approaching краудсейл.

“Our fund refused to participate because of several, differing under the terms, options of the same ICO. At the same time, any of data were not confirmed.” – I emphasized Mosquera.

Other investors also marked that the discount for tokens in the first presale could vary from 30% to 80%.

Analyst of the Pantera company – Charles Noyz is sure that the privacy of pre-sale of tokens of Gram in itself contradicts spirit a blockchain industry.

“It is very important that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency were open that a huge number of people could study the project and notice errors if those are available. When the companies work is reserved, without subjecting itself to the assessment of experts, they create a possibility of the trivial errors capable to destroy all network.” – I said the Noise.

We will remind that recently the Telegram command reported before American financial. the regulator about the amount of 850 million dollars attracted during the first stage of pre-sale of coins. In the document two companies – TON Issuer Inc were stated. and Telegram Group Inc.


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