The TorGuard team summed up the results of how successful this venture was

The technology of Lightning continues to improve, and developers of various software solutions are increasingly introducing it into their products.

After a while, the TorGuard team found it necessary to inform users about how successful this venture was. Employees say that while they are very satisfied with the results of the experiment since all payments made by users are successful and none of them caused any difficulties and certainly was not lost during processing.

Recall, TorGuard announced support for Lightning technology on January 11, stressing that while it is in the testing phase and inviting everyone to participate in it, contact the technical support.

One user said that he purchased a device from the TorGuard, a VPN router, and then made the transaction using the Lightning Network and did not detect any errors. On the contrary, he noted the high speed and appreciated the free operation of the operation.

The crypto community lays high hopes on Lightning, so it remains to be hoped that the business of the service will continue to go only up to the hill, thanks to which more and more companies will think about the introduction of this innovative technology.


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