The application for termination of cooperation was made on Saturday evening

Tether, the issuer of USDT (linked to the dollar of the cryptocurrency), said that his relationship with the auditing firm Friedman LLP had ended.

The statement, presented on Saturday night by the representative of the company, confirms suspicions of users and, most likely, will raise new questions about the company’s finances.

Friedman worked on the audit of Tether, which has close ties with the Bitfinex exchange. Critics of the two companies, especially the blogger, nicknamed Bitfinex’d, said that Tether printed tokens from the air in order to raise the price of bitcoin on the stock exchange.

From the statement it is not completely clear who separated whom with whom:

“We confirm that the relationship with Friedman is terminated. Given the painfully long and detailed procedures Friedman has taken to verify the relatively simple Tether balance sheet, it became clear that the audit would be unattainable within a reasonable time. ”

Sharp enthusiasts raised a wave of doubt in Twitter about the status of relations last week, noting that Friedman struck out Bitfinex from a list of customers on the site of the audit firm. Friedman did not answer the calls and e-mails of journalists for a week.

In a preliminary report released in September, Friedman claimed that Tether had $ 442.9 million in reserve, paying attention to the discrepancy between the amount of USDT being issued – but this estimate was not fully competent and contained numerous reservations.


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