16th release of Bitcoin Core: in the new version of the address SegWit will be created by default

Saydcheyn SegWit activated after much debate in August of last year stimulates developers to the formation with more structured, integrated general subject, versions of the software now, and it is very unusual to the command which is engaged in the development of the oldest and most valuable cryptocurrency network in a pattern.

Segregated Witness or SegWit — special сайдчейн for bitcoin which is developed for scaling of a network and an output of technology to the new level, increasing the speed of transactions and doing them is cheaper. But everything is not restricted to this functionality.

Earlier, as a rule, the procedure of implementation of changes took place as follows: the Bitcoin Core command made changes to a token code, and then by means of the group of developer volunteers simply integrated code fragments which were developed by them for further optimization of cryptocurrency. However the 16th main release of Bitcoin Core — version 0.16.0 — differs from previous a little.

The start will happen in the next few days, and this time all updates will be connected directly to SegWit. Emphasis is put on simplification of sending SegWit-transactions from a start purse.

And if the first version of a software SegWit was aimed at informing of new rules of the game people, version 0.16.0 is focused on that users could take all advantage of the new release. Andrew Chow Core-developer told CoinDesk:

“The main change consists that SegWit is added to a purse that in turn will allow users to create easily SegWit-addresses” — Andrew Chow Core-developer tells.

As explained to Chow, for the achievement of this purpose of the SegWit function were added both to the command line and to the user interface of a purse therefore not only programmers will be able to use an innovation.

In the new version of the address, SegWit will be created by default, and it means that they will be automatically compatible with scaling function. Also, 0.16.0 will become the first version supporting the “native” addresses SegWit which are called the addresses bech32. This format was created by participants of the Bitcoin Core command — Peter Uilli and Greg Maxwell. Such addresses it is much more convenient for users, than old, and automatically support SegWit.

Automatic creation of the addresses SegWit shall lead to much lower commissions and provide to bitcoin broader application

For the first time SegWit was provided by Bitcoin Core design team in November 2016, but then some users completely rejected this idea. And the subsequent disputes led to a fork and to the origin of the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency which supporters decided that instead of implementation of sidechain and solutions of “the second level” increase in capacity of units for lowering of the transactional commissions will be the best output in this situation.

According to Chow, one of the advantages of the “original” addresses SegWit is in what it carries to lowering of the commissions. At the same time, the developer recognizes that the majority of purses meanwhile do not support a new format. However, all innovations introduced by release allow users to control Bitcoin Core purse more flexible. For example, if desired they can store the purses or private keys in another directory of data.

Implementation of SegWit takes place more slowly than his supporters expected. It is possible because it is the global process. Many users complained that even some large companies did not accept this up-dating yet.

Implementation of SegWit and increase in a functionality of purses still the previous release 0.15.1 shall, but developers explain offset of focus of development planned for November 2017 (and as a result cancelled) with SegWit2x hardfork.

Taking into account as far as the audience expects the implementation of new technology, the fact that the Bitcoin Core command delays implementation of SegWit is quite surprising. However, according to developers, they have good reasons. First of all, the command shall see the operation of SegWit on a network to check technology for the existence of vulnerabilities or other problems.


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