About 50% of the British business use stocks in the form of cryptocurrencies

According to data of the official report of the Citrix company, after the conducted single sociological research, about 50 percent of the British business use stocks in the form of cryptocurrencies, from them only 7 percent of investments are the share of Bitcoin.

Who participated in a research?

The research was conducted among 750 persons “making decisions in the field of IT” from the British business, representatives of the enterprises with personnel of 250 and more people. As a result of a research it has become clear that on average, 24 bitcoins (about 230000 dollars) are kept in the company.

What tokens do they buy?

Among all interviewed 93% have reported that they diversified the cryptocurrency savings, having brought the most part out of bitcoin. 53% of respondents own Litecoin (LTC), in too time of 43% 33% of Ripple (XRP) own Ethereum (ETH), and 29% own Dash coin.

After growth of the cost of Bitcoin up to 20000 dollars and the subsequent falling to the level below 7000 dollars, some of the interviewed companies, according to Citrix, have got “satisfactory profit”, having sold the BTC when the price was higher. As recently the cost of BTC grows, respondents have shown that 38 percent of the business keeping assets in BTC think of sale, at the same time, 5 percent don’t plan to sell BTC in the near future.

Why have they decided to buy cryptocurrency?

Citrix poll also shows that only 4% from the companies which have participated in poll buy bitcoin for preparation for the attack for repayment. Especially after an attack of the Wannacry virus extortioner to National health service of the United Kingdom this year.

From the interviewed companies of 40% will use cryptocurrency for the fee of providers, 32% — for payment of employees, 27% plan to use cryptocurrency along with the smart contract and Blockchain technology, 27 percent — for fundraising and training, and 17 percent — for carrying out research and development.

What risks for holders of cryptocurrencies?

64% of the interviewed companies owning BTC consider that growth of the cost of BTC has affected the activity of cybercriminals, having increased risk of theft of a token. 18% of the interviewed companies are also afraid that their cryptocurrency savings can undergo the risk of internal theft.

According to data poll, most the companies storing savings in the form of cryptocurrency seriously belong to information security as only 5% have reported that they don’t undertake any precautionary measures for protection. Backup of data is used in 52% of respondents of the enterprises, 36% of the companies use a cold or autonomous purse, several purses use in 36% of the companies, the allocated or protected computer is used by 35% of respondents and 22% use the principle of control by two persons.

What is predicted by these companies in the future?

Looking back at the high volatility of the modern market of cryptocurrencies, 35% consider that cryptocurrencies can fail, and 34% say that high volatility prevents them to buy more cryptocurrencies in the stocks. 18% are afraid that they won’t be able to receive cash for the cryptocurrencies when it is necessary.


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